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We provide products ranging from bread rolls, speciality breads, authentic recipe Italian breads, long fermentation and artisan products. We also have a Classic Range of best selling traditional breads, bread rolls and morning goods.

We source locally based ingredients wherever possible. We look for interesting grains to add new flavors to our range, such as spelt and kamut.

Most of our breads are 'clean label' products without artificial ingredients or additives. Many have the nutritional benefits required for healthy eating.

We are happy to create and bake bespoke products to your requirements.

Our Italian style products include authentic recipe ciabatta bread and bread rolls, foccacia loaves and square, chargrilled plain and multigrain panini rolls, soft stirrato breadsticks and Italian baguettes.

We use high quality ingredients including extra virgin olive oil and sundried tomatoes sourced from Italy. All our Italian products are made by the long fermentation method for flavour and texture.


Our long fermentation products include our Italian style product range, artisan breads and some bread rolls.

We leave our biga dough to ferment overnight before adding it to the bread mix.

This slow process adds flavour and natural shelf life to products, along with a distinctive airy texture.


Many of our products promote healthy eating with the introduction of low GI grains and seeds into these recipes. We've lowered salt levels and reduced saturated fats too.

Low GI (Glycaemic Index) carbohydrates are great at keeping us fuller for longer. These include wholemeal flour and seeds which help avoid food cravings.

Seeds are a rich source of dietary fibre and nutrients. For example our Multigrain Bloomer is rolled in pumpkin seeds which are a rich source of magnesium, iron and zinc and help reduce cholesterol levels and improve immune response as well as adding a sweet, nutty flavor.

Our Rye, Sunflower and Honey Bloomer contains all the health benefits of sunflower seeds including vitamin E and minerals.

We have addressed consumer health concerns about salt and all our products conform with the government's 2010 guidelines for lower salt levels.


Our innovative range of 'D' shaped bloomers includes buttermilk; rye, sunflower and honey; and multi grain. These loaves are baked in a 'D' shaped tin to give even slices throughout whilst still maintaining a rustic appearance.

We also bake traditional open topped farmhouse loaves and tapered bloomer breads. Square sandwich bread can also be supplied.


Our classic bestsellers include American sub bread rolls, a soft baguette hand cut and topped with maize; malted wheat baps topped with rolled oats and square multigrain bread rolls packed with healthy ingredients including malted wheat flakes, linseed and sunflower seeds.

Extra large poppyseed knots and large cheese baps are favourite flavoured rolls.

Small bread rolls include our mini sub rolls for bread baskets or buffet functions and our Artisan Baker's Basket, an assortment of current fashionable flavours.